Friday, March 27, 2009

Storm of the Century lol

So, here in Missouri, the sky is supposed to dump a ton of snow on us! Did the sky forget that it is the end of March and we are done with snow?? The weather people(can't really say weather MEN anymore, because that is a bit sexist!) say we can get somewhere from 6-10 inches of snow over tonight and tomorrow! Yikes!

I am thinking of calling in sick tonight. I work nights from 11:00 pm to 7:30 am at ADT Security as an Emergency Dispatch Operator (exciting name for a boring job!). I have only been there 2 months and am not sure if I have any sick days... so I called to ask about that and they didn't know either! lol So, I left a message for my manager to call me back but I am not sure if she will be there before I am supposed to leave for work...

Ok, so if I do call in, I plan to stick around home and spend some time with my hubby and 3 sons AND I can sleep tonight, because I have BIG plans for tomorrow: clean house!! lol EW!! Ok, so after I clean house, I will reward myself with some cardmaking time! YES!! Then I will post pics here! So, wish me luck that I get to stay home tonight and don't have to drive 30 minutes both ways through the snow! I HATE driving in the snow!!


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  1. I do agree in you, I hate driving in the snow as well.

    Thanks for joining my blog candy giveaway. Good luck in the draw.

    Kristin :)